Should I stay or should I go

I went to church today and dreaded the fact that it was my turn in the children’s ministry.

It’s funny how my perspective changes once I’m in front of those kids and it’s go time. I like to tell them how to be better prayer worriers, or how important it is to tell their friends about Jesus.

I’m wrestling back and fourth with not helping out in the children’s ministry. Prayer and fasting should help.

I seriously need clarity in my life.


Going through the motions

As a new believer I remember hearing the phrase, “Going through the motions”, but I never understood it until now.

I go to church as part of our family’s weekly routine, when it’s my turn to volunteer for the children’s ministry, sometimes it feels like a chore, when I go to the sanctuary I think about other things instead of what the pastor is preaching about.

During service, I look at the faces of my leaders but I see that they too might be going through the motions. Not once have I heard an “Amen” or a “Hallelujah” from them.

There comes a time in a Christian’s life where the fire starts to burn out. I think that time has arrived for me.

I would like to get that fire back, but what about my leaders? Sadly, I’m not sure that everyone in our congregation feels the same way. This is truly discouraging for me.

Things don’t feel right at church anymore.

Guess what tomorrow us? It’s church day.